Oikomedia is a professional social network for media professionals, journalists, media fixers, photographers, publishers, news organizations, cameramen, bloggers, citizen journalists across the planet.
Oikomedia helps you get in touch with people, stories, ideas.No matter where you are, Oikomedia is a place to share contacts, sources, projects and assignments: a virtual bureau to find colleagues, news and anything you need for a good story.Oikomedia is the answer to an increasing demand; as a direct consequence of the global financial crisis, media companies are cutting more and more on foreign correspondent offices, despite the fact that readers demand for news is exploding.

Our Team

Elina MakriJournalist

When Elina is not travelling with a crew, she writes stories. She got into storytelling as soon as she finished studying the Frenchy Law. Back then, as she thought that it was not enough, she moved northbound to continue on understanding the International and European rules in Belgium. While history was being written in the Mediterranean corner, she switched to media and moved once again into the wild to learn her craft by harnessing international media networks. She conceived Oikomedia as a process of better tracing the best source of information and make a meaning out of it.

On her free time she sits over a world map with a cup of tea, studying and marking media trends worldwide when she is not trying to understand Stavrogin’s confessions.

Gianluca MartellianoJournalist – Fixer

Roots in the old fashioned journalism, eyes to the future of the profession. At the beginning of the 2000’s, he has started to work as a reporter while at university, in dusty basement of a radio station in Bologna, Italy. There, he learnt how to survive with a wooden mixing console from the 70s and some mixtapes.

Then, in 2010, young, desperate and unemployed in Rome, he became a fixer, helping foreign journalist write and shoot stories and investigations about anything (usually bad) that could happen in Italy. There, he learnt that journalism means basically ‘talk to the right people’.

That’s why he created Oikomedia: a new way to make colleagues talk each other and share stories, ideas, projects and contacts. Something he would have liked to use before.

George DanikasSoftware Developer

Οn the absence of water and waves down town Athens, George sticks in front of the computer as a senior software developer.

George has a solid background on both developing and managing the full life cycle of innovative applications, showing special interest on iPhone apps. Over the last 10 years he has participated in numerous web projects for key clients on both Public and Private Sector. George holds 1 BSc and 1 MBA in ‘Organization Management of Telecommunication Companies’ from AUEB. Geeking apart, on his free time, George runs marathons and joins water for sailing or surfing.