Oikomedia and Hostwriter invite you

to Impact Hub Athens for an event to answer:
How can journalism regain public faith?

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Are journalists players or referees in the game of democracy?

“Fake News”, “State Propaganda”

Never has the press been challenged by public suspicion and distrust as as much as in recent years. Are labels like “dishonest media” driven purely by political games, or are journalists also to blame for flailing confidence from growing parts of the public? When is taking a stance justified or even necessary as a journalist and when does it harm the credibility of a reporter? Are journalists players or referees in the game of democracy?


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Our Panel

After organising a successful panel discussion last year called „The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Reporting Europe in Times of Crisis“, hostwriter and oikomedia will collaborate again with the ADF NYT. With financial support of the Tandem Europe program, we brought nearly 200 journalists and members of the public together with a high profile panel (NYT Pulitzer Prize winner, BBC Europe chief, …) to have an open discussion about nationalised reporting. The format’s success proved that there is a high demand for more interaction and exchange between legacy media, young journalists and the general public.


Elina Makri Journalist and Oikomedia co-founder
Tabea Grzeszyk Journalist and Hostwriter co-founder

Audience engagement

Felix Franz Journalist and project manager at Hostwriter

Free entrance

Registration: 11.30 a.m.
Light lunch will follow the discussion.

On the occasion of NYT ADF

The New York Times Athens Democracy Forumbrings together politicians, policy makers, journalists, scholars and experts from the fields of business, finance and technology to explore the challenges to liberal democracy and ways to face them. Speakers include Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, North Korean Defector and Human Rights Activist Hyeonseo Lee, and many more.


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