1 May 19

Sisters of Europe - ATHENS event - Gender Wars: Why women fight each other; conflicts between women

On 14th of May, the Athens event took place at Impact Hub Athens in collaboration with Women On Top

Key takeaways:

-Women are much more harsh with other women on work environment and that a man, many times functions as a breakwater.

-There is a big need for solidarity between women!! Women should support each other, and also feminist of different theoretic-thoughts or women with different life-decisions (no fight between working mom and stay-home-moms etc.), no more judging!


Nionia Vallianatou, Neuropsychologist

Mikaela Theofilou, Journalist, Radio producer

Paraskevi Touri, Member of the special technical staff of the Gender Studies Laboratory of the Department of Social policy of Panteion Universit

Elina Makri, Journalist, cofounder Sisters of Europe
Mikaela Theofilou, Journalist, Radio producer

Nionia Vallianatou, neuropsychologist

Banner of the event:

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