On Wendsday, 6th of March at 18.30 pm, at Schwarzkopf foundation, the European magazine cafebabel.com, the Schwarzkopf foundation and the journalists’ network Oikomedia organize the public discussion: “Money, Power and Independence: How do we create equality between women and men”.

The scope of the event, is to examine the persistent financial and political aspects of gender inequalities in Germany and search for solutions.

Gender equality is claimed to be one of the EU’s founding values,
stipulated since 1957 in the Treaty of Rome. However, in 2019, men &
women are still not equal within Europe: Women earn 16,3% less for the
same job in Europe, they are less often represented in leading positions
or in the parliaments and more likely to suffer of old-age poverty.

The event is part of the European wide project ‘Sisters of Europe’, an online platform, portraying and connecting 17 women from different professions, backgrounds and locations. The project ‘Sisters of Europe’ wants to encourage lively discourse on the issues that women confront in our democracies. Four agoras in four European capitals (Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Athens) discuss specific issues that women are confronted with geographically speaking, as well as create a network.


Prof. Dr. Jutta 


President of WZB, Berlin Social Science Center,
Svenja Gräfen Poetry slammer,
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers Entrepreneur, Shareholder, Member of the Management Board of Mestemacher Group
Martha Dudinzski  

Founder of SWANS-Initiative,



Viktoria Kleber    Journalist

Elina Makri & Prune Antoine, journalists and “Sisters of Europe” founders will present the European project.

Book your free ticket: www.eventora.com/en/Events/money-power-independence-geld–1

The project “Sisters of Europe ” is an idea of Prune Antoine and Elina Makri, is produced by Oikomedia and is part of Advocate Europe, the European idea challenge by MitOst e.V. in cooperation with Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator.  

The event is organized in cooperation with Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa and Cafebabel Berlin | Babel Deutschland e.V., supported by the DGB-Project “Was verdient die Frau?”

Address: Schwarzkopf Stiftung, Sophienstraße 28/29, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Registration: 18.00 p.m.

Free entrance

A small reception will follow the discussion.

Ileana Dilger, Μ: ileana.dilger@oikomedia.com 

Elina Makri, Μ: elina.makri@oikomedia.com

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