One century after the rise of the ‘suffragettes’ in England and one year after the #Metoo wave, Oikomedia is developing an exciting new empowerment project to inspire and better connect women: Sisters of Europe.

Journalists Prune Antoine (France) and Elina Makri (Greece), founders of Sisters of Europe Project

Strong women, strong Europe ? Supported by the Advocate Europe programme, Sisters of Europe is a three steps project, aiming at a digital, public and political impact. First, a dedicated website will be launched in March 19, displaying a series of portraits of 16 European women of our time, unveiling their personal stories and vision for Europe, so as to document women’s condition nowadays. Second, a series of four “agoras” will be organized in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin and Athens to discuss the diversity of the issues European women are confronted to. Last but not least, the outcome of those agoras shall lead to the elaboration of a list of proposals, that will be submitted to the European Parliament in the perspective of the upcoming 2019 election.

For conducting the interviews and shooting our interviewees, talented journalists and photographers from all over Europe WANTED! If you are based in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Kossovo, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, why not apply?

We are looking for young professionals curious, team-spirited, with a solid experience (references of publication) and a strong interest for women and European issues. All interviews will have to be written directly in English, so an excellent level of English is also requested. The editorial process will take place from November 2018 until January 2019. This is a professional assignment that is of course paid.

Sounds appealing? Then send your application (CV/website and portfolio) before the 08.11.18 to the editor-in-chief, Prune Antoine @

The project “Sisters of Europe” is part of Advocate Europe, the European idea challenge by MitOst in cooperation with Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator.