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Cross-border collaborations

Οikomedia started its activities in Greece and Italy in 2012 when the Εuropean crisis was in full swing.

At that time, many European journalists -from the Erasmus generation-, we understood that there was no real European medium focused on the public and no real European debate, it was always centered and about the national perspective of news.

In general, journalism across borders has mostly been the activity of big agencies with several foreign correspondents in different parts of the world that corresponded to the centralized editorial desks and not to the public. 

Today, apart from those big agencies and wire services, few publications and media can afford and sustain international media projects. Those collaborations remain the exception in the national newsrooms. In this way, a lot of knowledge is lost! We need more international collaborations between journalists who are able to collaborate in investigations and explain to their respective audiences.

Oikomedia’s mission is to facilitate cross border collaborations between journalists. 

In order to achieve this goal, Oikomedia has collaborated and collaborates with several like minded organizations such as cafebabel.com, the Caravan’s Journal, Hostwriter.

Data literacy and data analysis

In the same time, data analysis and data journalism have become an essential part for many newsrooms. Data analysis is the number one skill journalists are interested in acquiring and while there are many tools for visualization, very few are available for the proper analysis of data while all require at least some knowledge of programming or statistics knowledge.

Oikomedia provides free tools for data analysis as well as consulting regarding data analysis.


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