14 Sep 19

Athens Democracy Forum 2019

Oikomedia is a media partner to the 2019 Athens Democracy Forum which will be held October 9-11 in Athens, and is convened by the Democracy and Culture Foundation, in association with The New York Times.

The Forum brings senior New York Times journalists together with international business leaders, policy makers, academics and experts to discuss the state of democracy and what action it requires in the face of mounting challenges.

The event is attended by over 400 delegates from more than 30 countries. Delegates will enjoy a rich program of cultural events and networking opportunities, including a welcome reception at the Acropolis Museum, cultural tours, an interactive discussion with senior New York Times journalists, a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Athens, and immersive deep-dive discussions to find solutions to four of the 17 United Nations Global Goals.

The goal of the 2019 Athens Democracy Forum is to explore the forces of alternative models of governance and how to deal with them. The central topics to be debated include:

– We and Them: The Tectonic Plates of Nationalism and Multiculturalism
– The Echo Chamber and the Agora: The Use and Abuse of New and Social Media
– The Cost of Inequality: Where Has All the Money Gone?
– Back to Basics: What Must Be Done to Restore Faith in Democracy

With emerging democracies backsliding into authoritarianism and others falling prey to populism, there has never been a more urgent need to assess the evolving state of democracy and its impact now, amid rapid global change.

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