17 Feb 21

Learn how easy it is to detect fraud in election results, uploading only the votes

Do you have any doubts about the validity or reliability of the outcome of elections? Check our new recipe for electoral fraud detection. You only need a spreadsheet with one column.

What you need to find or have access, are results from at least 80–100 voting centers in a country / region. You can put in an excel or csv, just one column like the following example.

Make sure that the column includes numbers from different intervals, aka dozens, hundreds, thousands: 397, 96, 135, 5678, 1690, 11 etc.

Also, make sure you put just a header or title to the column and then the numbers:

Image for post

When you provide us with such a file, Elena, the creator of the recipe, will be able to tell you whether the provided data is manipulated or not.

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